Backyard Time Lapse

This is a short time lapse video I made over two nights in my backyard. Shot with a Canon 1D Mark II and 17-35mm f2.8 lens. 30 second exposures with 2 second intervals in between frames. Played back at approximately 24 fps.


East Gaston's Denzell Hosch steals the ball from Alexander Central players Kendall Morris, left, and Jonathan Dockery, right, during game action at East Gaston High School on Wednesday February 25, 2009.

Senior Games

Senior Games
Billie Martin, age 73, and Bill Heavener, age 88, dance during a song by vocalist Peter Vic (in background) during the Senior Games and Silver Arts Kick-off at the Adult Recreation Center in Gastonia on Wednesday February 4. The Senior Games encourage seniors to stay active into their golden years through (mostly) light-hearted, friendly competition in a variety of athletic activities.

Pedals & Pipes

I love pipe organs; the "king of instruments."

The shear size, power and tonal range of a good pipe organ is matched by no other single instrument, and the craftsmanship invested in their construction is remarkable.

Oh, and the music just blows me away!

I embarked on a personal project to photograph some of the pipe organs in and around Gaston County and the people that play them.

Fortunately for me, but unfortunately for this project, I moved from Gaston County to take a new job, leaving this project unfinished. There are still a few nice photos, though, so here it is in it's incompleteness.

BC Roll Over

BC Roll-over

A convertible rests in a ditch along 14th street near the intersection with Indiana Avenue in Bessemer City after the driver lost control, ran off the the road and overturned on Friday January 30, 2009. Police indicated that excessive speed and alcohol were factors in this accident that sent the driver and sole occupant of the vehilce to the hospital with non-critical injuries.

Futbol to Football


North Gaston High School senior Drew Stewart practices kicking field goals at Revolution Park in Charlotte on Monday January 26, 2009. Stewart, a soccer player since childhood, has become a skilled football kicker in just two years and has chosen to make football his sole collegiate sport.