180 Weekend

180 Weekend
Middle School students listen Christian rock band Mark & Clarissa perform during the 180 Weekend event at Bethlehem Church on Friday January 27, 2012.
180 Weekend
High School students raise their hands in the air while listening to Christian rock band 'Hudson' perform at the 180 Weekend event at Parkwood Baptist Church on Saturday January 28, 2012.
180 Weekend
Brad Hudson of the Christian rock band 'Hudson' performs at Parkwood Baptist on Saturday.
180 Weekend
Middle School students listen Mark & Clarissa at Bethlehem Church on Friday.

My new TTV toy

Downtown TTV

Last week I acted on a tip that a local consignment store going out of business had some old cameras.

There was in fact a Polaroid model 150 roll film camera there. Unlike the other Polaroids I have, you can't get film for these older models anymore, but it was very clean and only $20 so I got it for a shelf piece.

Next to the 150 was a little Kodak Brownie camera for $15. Not in pristine condition by any means, but unlike the Brownie I've had for a while this one had a clear viewfinder with no lines.

That means TTV time baby!

That's "thought the viewfinder" for the uninitiated, wherein you use a modern digital camera to shoot through the waist level finder of a Brownie or some other such camera.

I know what you're thinking. It's sort of silly using the dirty viewfinder of a 50-year-old camera that wasn't even a good camera to start with in order to get low-fi pictures out of a $7,000 digital SLR set up.

If this boggles your mind, just think of the Brownie as a cheap but cumbersome filter that produces vintage looking pictures. It's sort of like the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone, but unlike the iPhone, I have all the motion-stopping shutter speeds and low light performance of that state of the art Canon Mark IV taking the pictures.

I took a little walk around downtown Gastonia the next day to play around with it. After adjusting to the reversed image in the viewfinder it was fun to use. I got these pictures a and a few odd looks from people on the street.

Downtown TTV - Arts on Main

Downtown TTV - Kress

Downtown TTV - Fallout Shelter

Drunk Pelican Orchid?

Drunk pelican wearing a hat?
I had an assignment to photograph orchids for a Gaston Gazette 'In Focus' photo page last week at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. They're getting ready for their upcoming 'Orchid Spectacular' and they let me go behind the scenes to their greenhouses to shoot some of the flowers that will be on display (below). I think this flower (above) looks sort of like a drunk pelican wearing a hat and a big smile. Do you see it?