Paranormal Investigators

Paranormal Investigators
The State Paranormal Investigations team poses for a photo with some of their gear at the historic Gaston County jailhouse in downtown Dallas on Sunday October 16, 2011. From left: Jeff Rielly, Drew Skinner, Sandra Handy, Dave Hodges and founder Chris Rushing.

I've never tried to flare my lens with a laser before, so I wasn't sure what would happen. I think it looks kinda cool and appropriate for the subject matter. I'm glad we got the flare right on one take though, that laser was burning my brain.

The Haunted Mill

Haunted Mill 1

Check out these terrifying scenes from The Haunted Mill in Belmont and get in the mood for Halloween.

Busy Keeper

Abbey vs Brevard
Brevard goalkeeper Crissy Moran leaps high but fails to stop a goal shot by Belmont Abbey's Carly Kensinger during the game at Belmont Abbey on Tuesday October 4, 2011. Below: Moran dives for the ball as Belmont Abbey's Ananda Gebreyesus prepares to take a shot. 
Abbey vs Brevard 2

Junkyard Dogs

Junkyard Dogs
I spotted these two mischievous, I almost want to say demented looking, dogs while taking pictures at a home where police ar investigating the deaths of a number of dogs found dead at a home on Mitchem Road near Ranlo on Thursday October 13, 2011.