‘Fired up’ and no Obama

David Claytor of Chester, SC leads a crowd gathered at James Martin Middle School in Charlotte, NC in the chant "Fired up and ready to go!" on July 7, 2008. Barack Obama was scheduled to speak to this crowd of “Working families” and campaign volunteers about the US economy, but was forced to cancel after his plane was grounded with mechanical issues in St. Louis.

The crowd was “Fired up and ready to go” for Barack Obama yesterday at James Martin Middle School in Charlotte, but they ended up leaving a little disappointed after the Democrat senator from Illinois was a no-show.

Obama was scheduled to speak to the invitation-only crowd of volunteers and “working families” about the struggling US economy, but those plans were canceled after Obama’s charter jet was forced to make an unscheduled landing in St. Louis with mechanical problems.

At about 12:30pm campaign staff brought bottled water and granola bars for the supporters—some of whom had arrived as early as 9:00am for a chance to see the presumptive democratic nominee.

It was announced shortly before 1:00pm that Obama would not be able to make his engagement. Instead, he would be phoning in from St. Louis to deliver his speech by conference call. Powered by hope, it would seem, Obama supporter David Claytor of Chester, SC stood and lead the crowd in an energetic chant of “Fired up and ready to go” in an effort to boost morale during the wait for Obama’s address.

Claytor and his wife both work in charlotte area schools and volunteer for the Obama Campaign. “Oh, surely” he replied when asked if he would come out when Obama does make it to Charlotte.

In his roughly 10 minute address, Obama did indeed promise to return to charlotte soon—and as well he should. Though North Carolina has elected democratic governors, the state hasn’t voted for a democratic presidential candidate since Jimmy Carter.

NC Lieutenant Governor and democratic gubernatorial candidate Bev Perdue, US senate candidate Kay Hagan, and several local politicians took the floor in the media center of the middle school in Obama’s absence. There is no word as to when Obama will reschedule his visit to Charlotte.
Right: Democratic US Senate candidate Kay Hagan speaks to the crowd gathered at James Martin Middle School in Charlotte, NC on July 7, 2008.

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