Are you ready for some football?

Ashbrook High School football fans show their pride before the teams opening game agaisnt West Charlotte at home on Friday.

Are you ready for some football? These guys are!

I was sent out on behalf of The Gaston Gazette, where I continue to serve as a photography intern, to shoot Ashbrook High School's opening game against West Charlotte last night told to bring back some good shots of the fans, band and cheerleaders.

With fans like this it was an easy task. These guys tape green letters on their chests and do push-ups and other antics when the Ashbrook Greenwave scores. Their pecs didn't get much of a workout on this particular evening, however, as Ashbrook got run-over.

On a more personal note, I couldn't be happier with the way my internship is going. Well, OK, I would be a lot happier if I had a full-time staff job, but for what it is this internship is great.

Already I've learned more than I expected. My portfolio is improving, I'm getting good assignments, and even some good Clips! I picked up the paper this morning to see that all six of the images I put in from the game last night ran, and the one below (at bottom) on the front page banner!

West Charlotte running back Jalen Simmons (above) attempts to evade Ashbrook defenders. Below: Ashbrook's Darius Edwards runs the ball in the team's opening game against West Charlotte at home on Friday.

See more of my images on the Gaston Gazette website:

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