This assignment was gravy!

I haven't announced it hear yet, largely because I've been very busy moving, but I have a new job. Today was my first official day as a staff photographer at The Rocky Mount Telegram in Rocky Mount, NC. 

It was a slow day an there was a lot of orientation stuff I had to do, so I didn't get out and shoot any. I did have an assignment though, and it was gravy.

Literally, it was gravy. 

For a food story I was to do a studio shot of some biscuits smothered in sausage and gravy. While I love some good ol' biscuits and gravy as much as the next guy, they aren't nearly as good to look at as they are to eat. While I failed to make this picture exciting, it was still a gravy assignment. 

The bad news is my mom probably wants to frame the first picture I take on my new job. The good news is that I can only improve from here on out!

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