Abbey Volleyball

Belmont Abbey Volleyball
Belmont Abbey's Jennifer Angelich, above, makes a kill during a match against Mount Olive on Saturday October 2, 2010 in the Wheeler Center.

Belmont Abbey Volleyball
Belmont Abbey's Jamie O'Connell, from right, stands ready to make a dig as Lydia Schellenberg and Angela Jubb jump to block.

One thing I miss about working at the Rocky Mount Telegram is the diversity of sports we covered there. This is one of only two volleyball matches I've shot this year (and I'm the evening shift photographer), where I had been shooting 1-3 games a week this time of year in Rocky Mount.

The two papers have about the same size sports section, but The Gazette has NASCAR, Panthers and Bobcats to take up a lot of that space. I guess it all balances out, though. We didn't have any pro sports to shoot in Rocky Mount.

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