Battle of Ramsour's Mill

Storm Clouds

I was assigned to photograph the Battle of Ramsour's Mill Celebration and Reenactment at a historic site in Lincolnton today. Due to a low turn out of reenactors this year, they chose not to do an actual Revolutionary War battle simulation (bummer) and the weather scared people off too.

There were actually over a hundred spectators when I arrived, but they quickly dispersed after the afternoon's demonstrations (below). With few visitors interacting with the reenactors I didn't have much to photograph, but I got all that I needed anyway and was able to spend the down time learning a thing or two about history myself.

And I think I must have spent half an hour watching this line of thunder storms roll in and precipitate (pun intended) a mass retreat from the battlefield. As ominous as the sky was, the storms turned out to be pretty mild.

Battle of Ramsour's Mill

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