Fire on the mountain

Fire on the mountain
Flames creep up the side of Crowders Mountain during a prescribed burn at Crowders Mountain State Park on Monday February 13, 2012. 

I got to see something pretty cool last night. 

An editor called and told me there was a prescribed burn taking place at Crowders Mountain State Park, so between two afternoon assignments I rode out there to take a look, but all I could see was a big cloud of smoke. 

One of the rangers told me they would be 'dropping fire' until at least 8:00p.m., and I immediately knew I wanted to come back at dusk or night and see what it looked like. 

I wasn't sure if I could squeeze it in, though. I had to turn in photos from an two assignments I had just completed, grab dinner and shoot two basketball games on the other side of the county, but I figured if the basketball games started on time and I was efficient I could do it. 

It came right down to the wire with making deadline, but it was worth it. The line of fire lit up the whole side of the mountain, stretching at least a half mile from end to end. It reminded me of photos I've seen of some of the massive wildfires out West. 

I would have preferred to see the cliff faces poking out through the smoke, but it was still a sight to see. (you can just see rock in the center of the bottom photo, click on it to view larger)

Fire on the mountain
The radio towers peek through smoke clouds rolling over the cliff faces of Crowders Mountain during the prescribed burn. 

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