Presidential Visit

Until the DNC...
President Barack Obama waves as he boards Air Force One at the North Carolina Air National Guard Base at Charlotte Douglas International Airport on Wednesday March 7. Obama spoke at the Daimler Trucks North America Mount Holly Truck Manufacturing Plant about initiatives to promote alternative energy and fuel efficient vehicles. 

My little home town was graced with a presidential visit today, and I drew airport duty. 

If sitting around at an airport all day to get pictures of a plane landing and a guy waving doesn't sound very exciting that's because it isn't. But this is the first time a sitting president has come to Gaston County in longer than I can remember (I think the last was Clinton) and Air Force One is just plain cool. 

So pardon me for feeling like a little kid inside when I got to watch this monster of a plane land, and take off a few hours later, at a relatively close distance. 

And pardon me if I enjoy having the leader of the free world come to my little home town to talk about an important issue, namely energy, and announce new efforts to promote sustainability and fuel-efficient cars and trucks. 
If nothing else, the light was good and it was an easy assignment. 

Until next time, Mr. President (which will probably be when the Democratic National Convention comes to town in a few months). 

Air Force One
Air Force One comes in for a landing at the North Carolina Air National Guard Base at Charlotte Douglas International.  (click on photo to view larger)

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