A Cold Welcome for McCain

Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain waits in a vehicle with wife Cindy after arriving at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport on his "Straight Talk Express" campaign jet on Friday October 17, 2008. McCain will be making a speach in Concord on Saturday.

The Gazette received a press release from the McCain campaign on Friday that lead us to believe the Senator would be speaking briefly after arriving at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport that evening.

My evening assignment to shoot a high school homecoming parade had been rained out, so with nothing else to do I was eager to shoot some national news.

As it turns out, the only thing I shot was McCain walking down the steps of is jet, getting in an SUV, and being whisked away in his motorcade without so much as a glance or a wave! I felt like some sort of paparazzi!

Apparently, the vague press release was simply notifying media when and where McCain would be arriving so we could get shots of him doing just that. A simple phone call probably would have cleared things up, but instead I waited ignorantly in the cold, rainy darkness in front of a Wilson Air terminal for basically nothing.

I sent in all of two pictures in case they wanted to preview his speech in nearby Concord on Saturday, but--not surprisingly--none ran.

The truth is, I was getting up very early the next day shoot McCain's speech, so I was thrilled to be getting out of there earlier than expected. While the other Gazette photogs were out shooting prep football in the cold rain I was relaxing at home!

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