Muni Monday

Mountain Unicyclist
Top and bottom: Josh Taylor rides his mountain unicycle--MUni for short--on the trails at George Poston Park in Lowell on Monday. Below left: Taylor poses for a portrait with his unicycle.

It's a safe bet, I believe, that most people in Gaston County wouldn't know what a MUni is. That is until they pick up their Sunday paper this week.

Yesterday, Gazette reporter Bernie Petit and I met up with Josh Taylor at George Poston Park in Lowell where Taylor and others have worked hard to build some truly outstanding mountain bike trails. It wasn't mountain biking that I was there to shoot though, but mountain unicycling--MUni for short.

They aren't as fast as a bike, topping out at a whopping 6-7 miles per hour (a fast walk speed), but they don't lack for fun or excitement. If the potential for whipeouts equates to excitement then unicycles may even have an edge over their two-wheeled brethren.

So is mountain unicycling the next big outdoor sports phenomena? Who knows, but already there's a dedicated handful in the greater Charlotte area getting together for rides. Pick up this Sunday's edition of The Gaston Gazette or go to to read more about Taylor and his new sport.

Mountain Unicyclist 2

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