Wanna see my lizard?

Wanna see my lizard?

Meet an old toy and a new toy.

This foam lizard has been hanging on the wall of every place I've lived since I got it at a fair when I was maybe 8 years old (if that). I don't know why. There's absolutely nothing special or sentimental about it. It's just always been there.

The picture was taken with my newest toy, namely the Hipstamatic app for my iphone 4.

I've had the phone for a while now, but until some of my friends recently started posting cool iphone pictures I wasn't exactly inspired to use it as a camera.

I was looking at the phone as just a not-so-good camera, but with this app it's becomes one more toy camera to add to my collection--and the only one that I have with me at all times. It's no substitute for the look of real vintage film cameras, but kinda cool none the less (not to mention cheaper).

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